And it was all yellow

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Yellow is all summer. Sunshine, flowers, heat rising from pavement, the golden glow of fields of canola. So, while the scene around me is, now,all white, I dream of yellow’s restiveness and its promise of warmth’s return. yellow



My favorite sensation can only be achieved after an elaborate series of activities:  time a good long time outside in the cold, skiing or snowshoeing, hockey or skating, get a good workout, feel the chill. Come home, feel the immediate rush of warmth and the ensuing slight chill that follows, seems to settle around the body, cheeks flushed, body happily tired. Devour good food, cold beer, and then warm the toes by the fire.


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Love is a finding a safe place to land.


Graceful – hoar frost while apple trees sleepimg_7387

Hoar frost clings to the apple tree, as the delicate winter sun stretches across the horizon, low and fleeting.

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Hello world!

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My name is Jolene, and I live in an oftentimes frozen expanse of Canada. I’m a mom, a professor, an artist, a writer, a translator. Welcome to this space; I look forward to your thoughts and ideas.